July 9, 2015

Customer Question: How Can I Receive Online Reviews for My Business?

By Nick K. 

TekShouts! continues our Customer Question of the Month series with another common query from eGumball, Inc. clients. Each month we answer common customer questions and provide insights on how to further grow your business online!

This month’s question is: “How come whenever my customers leave a review on my business using my business computer, they are later taken down?”

Let’s begin by discussing how to even receive an online review in the first place. When it comes to having a successful online presence for your business, there is a series of checklist of items to complete to ensure its success. First, you should create a Google My Business account for your company so that people are able to find it on Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+. Web users will also be able to find your business’ reviews when they search for specific keywords to your work. Next, you verify your business listing with Google to increase your business credibility and page ranking.

After the listing has been verified, you start to suggest your regular and new customers to share reviews of their experience online. In fact, you are so eager about receiving customer reviews that you allow your customers to use your business computer to leave a review right then and there. All seems to be going well, except when you Google your business to see how you are ranking. You notice that a number of reviews for your business have disappeared. You begin to wonder, “How is this possible? There must be a problem with Google My Business, right?”

Google has Strict Review Guidelines                

Google has established strict review guidelines because of the endless amounts of information that fills the Internet. This vastness makes it is hard to identify a business’ credibility based on their star rating and the quality of reviews if people are composing false ones.

In Google’s laundry list of content policies about leaving reviews, they state that if you are a business owner and are having people leave a review on your business computer, even if you are using different Google accounts, the review will be taken down.

Google feels this is a “conflict of interest,” meaning the written review is less organic and authentic if a customer is sharing their experiences when the business owner is right next to them. Google reviews should be genuine and share insights about a customer’s experience. Without Google’s strict policies being enforced, anyone can craft potentially false or baised reviews which new customers will assume to be true.

Business Reviews are a Win-Win for Both Your Business and Customers

Business reviews are essential for both your business and potential customers. In trying to earn more reviews, Google has provided a few methods that you can implement. Google recommends that business owners participate in online communities and respond to customers’ reviews—both positive and negative—because that shows they take ownership of their business and care about the well-being of their customers.  

In addition, Google has simplified the process of leaving reviews for both mobile devices and desktop computers. The tricky part is using an effective method to inform your customers about leaving Google reviews. Leaving customers a reminder message on their receipt or urging customers to review in your company’s monthly newsletter might do the trick!
We hope that you learned something new in this edition of eGumball’s Customer Question of the Month.

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