July 24, 2015

4 Improvements Google Made this Week!

By Nick K.

Since the Internet is a busy place full of content and news, it can easily fluctuate within the blink of an eye. So, the Tek Team has decided to make things easy on you by providing the top Google news stories this week. It has been a busy one for Google news, which includes Slack integration, Google My Business account news, iOS 360o app implementation, and Google Voice improvements. See the more in-depth details below!

Slack Integrates with Google Calendar

A few months back, Tek Shouts! wrote about the office communication tool called Slack. The platform was backed by Google and classified as a unicorn business, meaning it is a startup business which is highly valued by its investors. In addition, Slack does not advertise its services and relies solely on word of mouth. That’s probably why you have not seen an ad for Slack on the Internet before.  

Today, Slack is widely popular and now well-known for its simplicity and wide array of applications that it can be used with to create an efficient online office experience. The latest improvement for Slack is their integration of the Google Calendar into its platform. This new upgrade would allow users to receive reminders and event updates automatically through their preferred Slack channel. This is just one of the many reasons why Slack can improve your business.

Inactive Google My Business Accounts will be shut down on July 28th

About a month ago, the Tek Team covered the news of Google unverifying Google My Business accounts. Google would be conducting the unverifying of inactive Google My Business accounts in an effort to enhance the user experience and allow websites with higher-quality content to have a higher page ranking than those who are lacking in accurate content and material. The amount of time before Google would begin unverifying inactive accounts was not known, until now.

News had been released by Search Engine Roundtable that Google will begin shutting down the inactive Google My Business accounts starting July 28th. That is coming up fairly quickly, so if you have not already visited your Google My Business account lately, then you might want to reconnect. If not, you could possibly face the consequences of having a lower page ranking and an unverified business.

Google Implementing 360o animated films to iOS

Changing gears from Google My Business and Slack, Google has implemented an animated app called Google Spotlight Stories, which is new for iOS devices. What makes Google Spotlight Stories so unique is the app’s ability to use 3-D and 2-D animations, as well as 360o visuals and sounds.

The app introduces a new way for users with iOS devices to experience stories. Imagine being able to turn your mobile device around to see stunning images and help create a better picture, literally, of the story being told. Check out the app to see it in action and see what a difference a story can be in 3-D!

Improvements for Google Voice Voicemail Transcript 

Google is finishing off the week on a strong note by announcing on their own blog about the new transcription improvements for Google Voice. The reason for this upgrade for Google Voice was due to the inaccuracy and inaudible quality of sound that many would hear when using it.

Google asked users to share their voicemails to Google to improve the Voice feature. According to The Verge, the transcription errors for Google Voice have been cut down by 49%. Voice improvements will continue to be added in the future. Join it today to hear the difference!

We sure hope you enjoyed the Google weekly news updates! Was there a bit of news that was left out? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below! 

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