June 17, 2015

With DuckDuckGo Gaining Traction, Should Google Worry?

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By Nick K.

Google Search has mostly been the dominate force in the search engine world. Most of the reigning champion’s search engine competition, such as Bing and Yahoo Search, have been anything but threatening to Google. However, there is a search engine called DuckDuckGo that has slipped under the radar for most Internet users and yet could potentially be a threat to the Search Engine King.  

In recent days, DuckDuckGo has announced their incredible growth in website traffic, over 600% in the past couple of years, according to BGR. Ultimately, DuckDuckGo might not be the next Google, but they are definitely validating their place in the search engine world.

What Makes DuckDuckGo Special?

DuckDuckGo was started back in 2008 as a search engine that depends on external sources like Yelp and Wikipedia to provide recommended pages and page results, according to Search Engine Land. This means that this particular search engine does not rely on website crawlers to find information like other search engines do.

DuckDuckGo’s key to success is their attention to user’s privacy. The search engine puts the user first by not tracking their information. This means you can browse the Internet with the reassurance that your information will not be sent elsewhere. Ever since the major Internet privacy dilemma in recent years, many users have made the switch to DuckDuckGo.

In addition to their privacy policy, DuckDuckGo has also definitely done their marketing research homework. They have been added as a default browser option for Apple products. The site has also become a search engine option for both Safari and Firefox. As more platforms begin finding and utilizing DuckDuckGo, it will keep succeeding in the years to come.

Should Google Worry?

DuckDuckGo does have plenty of great things going for it, and currently has no real shortage of website traffic. Does that mean Google should worry about DuckDuckGo? The answer is most likely no.

Google boasts an extremely well—developed search engine in comparison to DuckDuckGo’s. The number of Google page results and the accuracy of those results are unrivaled. The amount of web searches conducted on Google has compared to DuckDuckGo are still quite large, so I don’t believe Google should really worry just yet. Users will use the search engine that provides results with both speed and accuracy.

However, Google does use tracking information, but for various reasons, which include providing more accurate search results, collecting website feedback for website tracking tools like Google Analytics. If you are still worried about their benign information tracking, there are ways around being tracked by Google. A user can delete his or her browsing history, cookies, and cache, which decreases the chance of information being sent elsewhere.  

All in all, it really comes down to which search engine you prefer, a more accurate one with fear of your information being sent elsewhere, or a search engine that is focused more towards the user’s comfort and keeping their information untraceable. The choice is yours!

Do you have a preference between Google search and DuckDuckGo? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below! 


  1. I have been using Google since back in day (used AltaVista and other in the past), but I will start to mix up things with testing out new search engines in the futures, e.g., DuckDuckGo.

    A interesting combo would be a VPN service with a search engine feature for different regions of the world, so you could check how search results, ads, etc., looks in different places.

    1. Hey Martin,

      Thank you for your comment. I have once used DuckDuckGo a few times and it worked alright, definitely not as accurate and precise as Google is when it comes to search results.

      That would definitely be an interesting combination for a search engine. Although users might be a bit skeptical with a search engine tracking their visits and such, though Google does it now.

      -The Tek Team

    2. We have to see what the different search engines are coming up with in the future. Our search pattern and behavior is changing over time.

    3. Hey Martin,

      I agree there is definitely a change over time in terms of how we are searching and how we will continue to search on the web. It will be interesting to see of how our search patterns do change, for the better or worse.

      -The Tek Team