June 9, 2015

Tek This Out: Would you Travel Using Mythical Creatures?

Are you living in Great Britain and looking for a new way to spruce up your daily commute? Would you much rather be admiring the endless green hilltops? Then perhaps there is a solution after all, thanks to Google Maps.

In case you missed it Google Maps added a couple of new commuting options, dragon and Loch Ness Monster, for people to utilize when traveling to certain locations.

So, it does indeed sound like there is a solution to spruce up that daily commute. If you are curious about taking a dragon, one must be traveling from Snowdon to Brecon Beacons, which covers the highest mountain in Wales to the Welsh Mountain Range. The trip itself is quicker than a car, but I do hear it is exhilarating and the traveling temperatures can be quite brisk. 

If you have a fear of heights then this probably isn’t the ideal method to reach your destination.
If you always wanted to use a boat to explore the Scottish Highlands but aren’t able to afford one yet, then perhaps riding the Loch Ness Monster might be the next best method. Although, I do hear you might need to bring your own oxygen tank and wetsuit, since being in the water for a long period of time might cause some issues.

All in all, Google certainly has done it again providing another enjoyable and amusing Easter egg for their Google Maps users. I hope you all enjoy the ride whichever travel method you try out! 

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