June 8, 2015

Inactive Google My Business Accounts Could Lead to Unverified Listings

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By Nick K.

When was the last time you have viewed your Google My Business account? If it’s been quite some time, then perhaps it might be worth revisiting again. There is a strong chance that Google will unverify your business listing if it shows no recent activity.

Recently, Search Engine Land, Small BizTrends, and Integrated Digital Marketing have reported that Google will reach out to Google My Business account owners to ensure their business pages are active and accurate. If the account owner does not respond to Google’s contact attempts, then those owners run the risk of their listing becoming unverified. ‘Unverified’ essentially means ‘untrusted,’ which spells a major loss in credibility and customers for that listing.

Google plans on unverifying business listings for Google My Business accounts that either have not shown any activity in a long time and/or provide inaccurate business information. Google is striving to create the best user experience possible, and that requires them to penalize websites and lower listings on search engine page results that do not effectively assist the user.

If your business is unverified and you feel it was a mistake, you can contact Google’s customer support and it should be a fairly simple process to have it re-verified. Unfortunately, there is about a 6-month process Google takes to ensure the business is real before they can verify its listing, according to Integrated Digital Marketing.

In order to avoid having your business listing become unverified, it is important to keep your Google My Business account information up-to-date. You also must make sure to login to your account regularly to see if Google has contacted you. There is nothing worse than losing potential customers based on inaccurate business information or simply because you missed a message!

Is your Google My Business account information up-to-date? Do you have any tips and tricks to ensure your business is verified and listed properly? Feel free to let us know in the comments below! 

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