June 19, 2015

Google Search Optimization: 4 Foolproof Ways to Make More Money, Fast

By Lauren C.

You know how great your business is. Problem is, you can’t seem to find anyone else who agrees with you. Though you’ve been in business for several years, and you have a loyal base of customers, expanding in the future seems unlikely. Maybe there’s a big box store opening around the corner, or the rent just increased a notch. Regardless, the cards seem to be stacked against you.

Furthermore, you think you’ve tried everything. You sent out flyers to people in the community. You’ve made cold phone calls to potential clients. You’ve even hired one of those nifty SEO companies that helped improve your online ranking, but that isn’t yet converting to higher sales numbers.

So does this mean you’re doomed?  Of course not. There may be several reasons your business is struggling to succeed, and none of them have anything to do with your product or services. Search Engine Watch argues that there are four easy steps you can take now to improve your conversion rates, and start expanding your business once again.

1. Improve the Aesthetics and Functionality of Your Website. According to one statistic from Search Engine Watch, users will decide if they trust your site within 3 milliseconds. A trustworthy site means that users can intuitively find your product or purchase page quickly. Buttons need to be placed appropriately for simple navigation, and the color scheme of the site needs to match the theme of your business. For example, a website for a spa could use lighter, softer hues to signify a relaxing, stress-free atmosphere.

2. Make Sure Your Information Forms Work Properly. In accordance with having a functional and aesthetically pleasing website, you need to have a functioning information form. An information form is a way for companies to gather data about a customer, whether it be credit card information for a purchase, or an email address so you can send out coupons and holiday deals. Make sure that the form only asks for the most relevant information before the user has to press submit. The faster and easier the process is for the user, the more likely they will continue the purchasing process.

3. Modernize Everything, if Possible. We know that modernization can be expensive, but it can also make or break a sale deal. One case study concluded that the awkward process of customers having to call in to complete a transaction, instead of finishing the process online, significantly harmed a particular company’s sales. Ensure that all of your everyday business processes are up to date, and correlate with what your competitors do in your industry.

4. Find Trustworthy SEO Experts Who Know Google’s Algorithms. Though some customers may know which keywords will work better, or have a better understanding of Google’s algorithms than an SEO expert, it isn’t likely. The process of improving rankings and improving conversion rates is a long and slow one, which often includes trial and error. Also, Google updates its own algorithms often, and unless you have a clear understanding of this process, it can be very confusing. Make sure to find a highly qualified local search optimization company like eGumball, Inc. that understands Google algorithm changes. Remember also to be patient. Unfortunately, the process to improve rankings can take time.

There’s no doubt that Google algorithms and local search optimization can be complicated. However, there are many ways to help improve conversion rates and sales without understanding every aspect of how Google crawls for website keywords and content to determine rankings. Find a local search marketing company you can trust, and then take the necessary steps to improve things from your own end. You’ll be making the big box store next to you just as nervous as you feel right now in no time!

What are some ways that your company has improved your sales numbers? Have you utilized an online marketing company, or hired a web design firm to improve your site? Let us know in the comments!


  1. Hi Tek!

    Great post!

    These are some valuable points, and tips to a better search engine ranking, and also better website conversions.

    As technology progresses, the user experience should too!

    One of the most important things, I have learned, when it comes to getting better search engine rankings, is to take great care of the User Experience.

    The user experience is what will make or break your site online!

    Especially, if you want the search engines to send you good organic traffic.

    What most people should realize, by now, is the fact that Google's main priority is THEIR USER. So, they will do whatever it takes to deliver the BEST content and services to their users.

    Plain and simple!

    If you take the time to take great care of the user, the rest will fall into place naturally.

    Always make sure you are over delivering in value. Make sure you are always improving the user experience. Amazing value and amazing user experience, will result in better search engine rankings. There is no question about it!

    That's just how everything works in the search engine world. ;)

    Awesome post man!

    Thanks for sharing it!

    Keep up the great work!

    Have a fantastic week! :D

    1. Hi Freddy!

      Thanks for all of the tips, and for your comments on our blog. We are glad you liked the post! Have a great week as well.

  2. Hi Tek,

    Well, I don't have my own company yet or work for a company, but I feel this is the information that will be useful for me in the future. Thank you for sharing with us. :)

    I agree about the SEO expert. There are two ways to get it. First, you must learn about SEO autodidact, or second, you should look for someone who is an expert in SEO. An expert would know what he was doing. I also recommend to it.

    Great post, Tek.
    Have a great beginning of this week!

    By the way, I found your post from Kingged. I comment on it and upvoted it.


    1. Hi Nanda,

      Thanks for the comment and for being a Tek Shouts! reader. We are glad you enjoyed the article and got something out of it.

  3. According to me, every great business requires great marketing. So if you want to run a great business, you have to be a great marketer as well. This is probably the most important fact that determines if a business will succeed or not. It doesn't matter whether your are doing the business online or offline, the basic rules are always the same.

    However, the points mentioned here are worth noting. Yes; I too agree how your website looks matters a lot and it plays a prominent role in terms of making more sales.

    I don't know if it really takes 3 milliseconds to trust a site. But that sentence really attracted my attention and I started thinking about it for some time.

    But nice read. Just wanted to share my thoughts.

    1. Hi Tamal,

      Thank you so much for your comments. You are correct in the fact that in order to run a business, you must understand basic marketing. However, in the digital age, many people are unaware of how to market their business effectively. It's a changing world, and it can be hard to keep up. In those circumstances, it's probably a good idea to find an SEO marketing team or someone else who can help with the nitty gritty technological marketing aspects.