June 22, 2015

Google AdWords Amps Up Local Business Tech

From Marketing Land, there is a cartoon picture of a small business with technology surrounding it.
Original image from Marketing Land

By Megan G. 

What does it mean to own your own company in 2015?  There’s definitely a lot less paper-based marketing tactics, such as newspaper ads and Yellow Pages listings, than small business owners have used in the past.  For the small business and marketer of today, it’s all about digital: local search, advertising technology, and other online marketing tools spell out success in our time.

Knowing this, you’d think more SMBs would have jumped on the digital bandwagon.

Stats from the Folks at Street Fight Magazine

According to a recent study from Street Fight Insights and Thrive Analytics, a whopping 42% of small business owners reported that they simply don’t have time to go completely digital with their marketing strategy.  Street Fight Magazine’s report also showed that company owners are befuddled mostly by search engine optimization, company website/e-commerce development, and social media management.  You can check out the rest of their results on this graph.

With these technological issues glaring in our faces, the Tek Team wants to keep our readers informed of helpful tech easily available to them.  Many great resources come from Google, as many of our followers well know, and Google AdWords is no exception.  

If you are a small business owner, you have probably read about the benefits of pay-per-click advertising.  Unless you are an avid marketing researcher or marketer, however, you probably don’t truly grasp what those little ads at the top of Google’s results pages are doing for your company.

To find out, check out these two more technical facts about Google AdWords (and, specifically, location extensions) that you may not know about!

Google Maps Uses Wi-Fi to (Innocently) Spy on Patrons

“I always feel like… Google is watching me!”

Catchy 90s singles aside, the breaching of privacy online is a very real fear among web-users, especially when it comes to Google products.  From Apple CEO Tim Cook’s recent jab at Google privacy policy to the European Union’s ongoing fight for the Right to be Forgotten, our favorite tech giant is not viewed so favorably when it comes to protecting user information.  What most users don’t realize is that Google uses their wealth of info for the greater good of user experience. 

In an article from Search Engine Land, Matt Lawson ensures that “Google never shares personal information to anyone at an individual level.”  He goes on to detail how Google AdWords measures visits from physical locations using data from Google Maps, which boasts a digital mapping technology that understands both the location of a store and the shape of it—meaning it can tell where the entrances and exits are.  Google uses data from Wi-Fi, cell towers, and GPS location signals to measure actual foot traffic of businesses.  Discover more about how this process works in this article.

To see the results of this feature, business owners must have a Google My Business account linked to their AdWords account, which in turn should have location extensions set up.  Not only will this help Google measure in-store visits, but your business will also show up more often to mobile users conducting “near me” searches from their phone. 

See?  Google recording information on this superficial level benefits both customers and companies.  As an owner, you get a clearer view of your marketing results, while your customers can find what they need from your shop more easily.

Toot Your Own Horn with Google AdWords Star Ratings

We move on to another piece of AdWords tech for the local merchant:  star ratings.  Online reviews are useful for improved customer relationships, branding, and driving foot traffic, as many marketing folks and business owners know.  Usually, web-users would have to go looking for reviews, either on Google Maps, My Business, or third-party sites like Yelp… but not anymore! 

Now, Google AdWords location extensions will display Google My Business reviews right in the SERPs.  If you have 5 gold stars on your GMB account, then local mobile and web-users will see your ads emblazoned with your glowing reputation.  In true Google fashion, their amalgam of connected services (Google+, Search, Maps, My Business, etc.) continue to serve business owners and users equally well. 

Have you set up your Google AdWords account, yet?  Do you, like so many other small companies, not have the time?  Luckily for you, help is just a phone call away at eGumball, Inc.  As a certified Google Partner, eGumball can assist with the management of Google My Business and AdWords accounts for your company. 

Even if you don’t have the time to try these great tools at your disposal, a friendly Google Maps marketing company like eGumball is ready to do the work for you.

Have you heard of these perks from Google AdWords?  What has been your experience with small business marketing, either as the company owner or marketer?  Let the Tek Team know in the comments. 


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