June 4, 2015

Customer Question: Why Am I Not On The First Page of Google?

By Justin H.

In this installment of our Customer Question of the Month series, we tackle another common inquiry that often leaves many customers puzzled.

The question is: “Why am I not on the first page of Google when I am the best in my industry?”

Many factors go into this. There is no cut and dry answer to this question, especially with the constant changing of Google’s algorithms and ranking methods. Regardless of what changes in Google Search, understand that it is all done for your benefit! Every algorithm update aims to reward honesty and trust scores, so people who run businesses the right way will always rank high.

Less than 10% of search traffic makes it to the second page of Google, so getting on the first page is paramount. Here are some reasons why you might not be popular with Google despite being so successful in your industry.

1.       Undescriptive Keywords: Think about your business objectively. What would you search for in order to find your product or service? It is important to use a variety of descriptive keywords, both generalized and specialized. It is also imperative to mix up long-tail and short-tail keywords to make sure you cover all aspects of what you do, as well as every kind of search query web-users could enter into Google.

2.       The Competition is Tough: As we covered in a previous Customer Question post, regardless of how successful your business is, the level of competition in your area can be immense. It is still a numbers game, so if you are trying to rank for the keyword, “pizza restaurant,” the competition level will be much higher than it would be for something more specialized such as, “gluten-free pepperoni pizza.” Your campaign and optimization methods will eventually win out due to the amount of competitors who maintain the status quo. With proper SEO and marketing tactics, you will eventually push generic pizza places down the rankings.

3.       You Might be the Best, but Maybe Your Website Isn’t: Many debilitating factors can hold a website back from ranking well. This includes poor design, a lack of calls-to-action, poor mobile optimization, out-of-date information, too much or not enough content, slow loading times, and awful photos. It will take much longer to climb the rankings with a low quality site. However, you can always take steps to fix it, even if your site has been penalized in the past.

4.       Search Marketing is Not a Quick Fix: By utilizing proper maps optimization and SEO techniques, you are committing to a long and fruitful endeavor if you optimize correctly. This is never going to be an overnight fix, though. Algorithms and search ranking methods are constantly changing, and businesses just have to ride the wave and do things properly over an extended period of time.

5.       We Aren’t Google: If Google specifically laid out exactly what it takes to get on the first page and stay there, then every business would make it onto the front page. Not even most of the people at Google itself can possibly understand all the factors that go into ranking on the first page due to its natural unpredictability. The proven way to do it is by identifying weaknesses on a business’ site or marketing campaign and implementing the proper techniques to iron them out over time. Seeing what your site looks like when compared to a competitor is also beneficial. What makes your competition successful or unsuccessful? Either way, that info can help business owners understand how to better themselves within their industry.

We hope you are able to take something away from this breakdown! Getting on the first page of Google is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. If any of the aforementioned issues apply to your business or website, it could be the main reason why you haven’t reached the first page. eGumball specializes in identifying and fixing any and all of these problems, and is happy to fix this issue for all customers!

Do you have any questions you would like eGumball, Inc. to answer? Feel free to ask us anything in the comment section below. Who knows, maybe your question will be our next Customer Question of the Month post!

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