May 12, 2015

Want to Tackle Procrastination?

Have you ever struggled with completing that to-do list on your desk? Minutes and hours seem to fly by but every time you glance back at the list, it only seems to grow in length. How are we supposed to find a better way to tackle that list?

Perhaps we have found our answer. According to Forbes, Google has recently purchased a start-up company called Timeful, Inc., a time management application used to help users manage their time more efficiently and accomplish more. Users have already utilized Google Calendar and Gmail to schedule their daily activities, so it makes sense to have Google also manage your time more efficiently through this application.

The application works through first learning your daily schedules and habits. You can input your daily functions at work, such as attending department meetings, checking morning emails, and sitting in on lunch seminars. Throughout the day, you will receive reminders and updates about your schedule, so you can plan your to-do list accordingly. You can also input your routine for after work, which might include going to the gym, doctor, or grocery store.

Google likes to think of time as “being on your side” with this latest acquisition. Imagine that, an application with the purpose to eliminate “procrastination!” 

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