May 8, 2015

[UPDATE] 5 Things you Need to Know About Google+ Collections

A laptop opened to the Google+ Collections webpage.
Original image from Tech News Today
By Nick K.

Last week Tek Shouts! covered the exciting new Google+ platform called Collections. This new platform functions as part Pinterest and part blogger. I recommend glancing over the previous Google Collections article real quick to bring you up to speed.

Upon recent days there have been a wide range of new articles and information presented about the “Pinterest-styled” Google+ platform!  Sources like Google+, The Verge, and PC Mag have all posted newfound insights on Google Collections. I will admit that it feels gratifying to finally have some concrete information about the look and feel of the new platform.

In lieu of all this new information, The Tek Team wanted to save you some time by compiling a list of all the important details you need to know about Google Collections:

What does Collections look like and how do I use it?

For starters, Google+ was kind enough to create an introduction GIF to Google Collections. This GIF provides a basic tutorial on how to create a collection and how to navigate through the Collections platform. More importantly, this tutorial displays what the user interface looks like and much more! Here’s what it looks like on your smartphone.

The text "Now you're ready to start sharing." next to a mobile phone picturing Google+ Collections.
 Image from Google+ profile page.

Google Collections can be used to create compilations of pictures with a common theme, much like a Pinterest board. According to Belfast Telegraph, for every collection you create you can share it publically with the Google+ world, privately within your Google circles, and with a custom group. Much like Pinterest, you can subscribe to other user’s “collections” and receive updates whenever they post something new.  

What if I am struggling to find Collection ideas?

Well, thankfully Google+ has already created featured collection pages of various ideas to jumpstart your collection! Google has been testing Collections for quite some time and as a result there are seemingly endless amount of collections already created for you to check out and follow.  

Google+ Collections of Google Trends, Light Trails, and Google+
Images from Google Collections: Featured Collections

What if I am having issues with Collections?

If you are experiencing issues or have further questions about Google Collections you can visit their Help Page. For those who are familiar with Pinterest should have a pretty easy time with Collections, since it feels quite similar. There are plenty of images upon images, and you can keep scrolling though pages of collections with ease.

When and where can I start using Google Collections?

Believe it or not, Google Collections is actually available right now for Android and web users. Unfortunately, it will be some time before iOS users can try it out.

Google+ webpage and side menu featuring the buttons Home, Profile, People, Photos, Collections, Communities, and Events.
 Image taken from Google+

To access Collections on your computer, sign in to your Google+ account and move your cursor over the “Home button” until a drop down menu shows up and move your cursor down to the Collections tab.

It might take some getting used to, but once you feel comfortable with feature, those “collections” really start to become fun and exciting to create!

Should I use this for my Business?

Since businesses today use Pinterest to promote and advertise for their company, users can use Google Collections to do the same thing. In fact, Collections will be a useful tool for reaching new customers based on their interests and activities. In addition, advertising to new customers might be easier if you are able to market your business in a way that appeals to your target audience.

All in all, Google Collections is definitely something worthwhile to try out. It might not be the “next Pinterest,” but Google did a fine job with Collections. The interface is clean, fresh, and easy to navigate. It will be interesting to see how much social media traction will be generated for Google+ as they revamp their social media presence!

Have you tried out Google Collections yet? Do you think that it will help Google+ gain some traction in the social media market? 

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