May 4, 2015

Tech Titans Clash in the New Age of Ad Tech

By Megan G.

Google has recently made great strides to improve its advertising platform in the wake of its mobile-friendly algorithm.  Both of these updates are meant to help brands and websites stay relevant, but what do the thundering steps of tech giants mean for the small business owner just trying to make ends meet in this new age of mobile and ad tech?

For this edition of Tek Shouts!, we are going to piggyback off of Lauren’s article from last Friday and delve further into both mobile marketing and advertising technology.  We will discuss what Google has been up to in these industries, as well as how small business owners can use this information.  

Does Social Advertising Need Social Media?

According to a recent article from IT Pro Portal, the redefining of Google+ will cleave a mighty blow into the search engine giant.  Google+, as Google insiders divulged in the past week, has functioned more as a system of connections to all Google services rather than a social network.  Now that Google+’s identity as a social sharing platform is kaput, how are they going to compete with Facebook in terms of social advertising?   

Facebook is fully equipped to completely topple Google in terms of social ad tech.  The company boasts a highly effective “Custom Audiences” targeted ad platform, a massive and diverse user-base, continued success on mobile devices, and 40M active small business pages currently on their site.  Those facts are nothing for the Google My Business platform to shrug at, no matter how much success the Let’s Put Our Cities On The Map initiative has seen.  

Facebook is proving a bestial adversary in ad tech and small business, the former being Google’s main source of revenue and the latter being the focus of one of Google’s latest projects.  But there is a light at the end of the tunnel for our favorite tech company.

Twitter and Google Shake Hands Over New Ad Deal

Google and Twitter have combined their resources in an effort to survive the increasingly hostile ad tech environment, forming the DoubleClick Audience Center.  This platform is obviously a direct response to Facebook’s Custom Audiences, as well as a huge step in the right direction for both tech companies.  Basically, when brands buy ads on Google they can also get Promoted Tweets at the same time.

The DoubleClick Audience Center combines the huge amounts of user data that Twitter and Google have access to.  This bodes well for targeted advertising on both the social and mobile fronts because, according to Verve Mobile CEO Tom Malsaac, data will be the deciding factor in the emerging area of mobile advertising technology. 

As of today (May the Fourth be with you, by the way), web-users are already seeing the integration of Twitter posts into Google search engine results.  Check out this Search Engine Land article for more details on these sightings. 

Also, on a side note, apparently Google+ started a Twitter account last Friday—whether or not this was part of the two companies’ deal remains entirely up to our imaginations.

A Beacon of Light for SMB Owners

In addition to a powerful new way to advertise through Google and Twitter simultaneously, what else should small business owners watch out for in the age of mobile ad tech?  There’s a bright new prospect creeping its way into brick-and-mortar businesses that brings out a whole new way to market on mobile.  They are called “beacons.” 

In-store beacons are devices that send signals via Bluetooth to passerby smartphones with a goal to improve shopping experiences through innovation and personalization.  They can alert mobile-users with ads, coupons, or even product information.  

Business owners can also use beacons to collect information on how customers interact with their store, gathering useful data to improve in-store experiences.  Beacons are being used more and more to create unique customer experiences by companies like McDonald’s and even certain airports.

These exciting devices and platforms seem to be only the beginning of many more innovative and effective ways to reach customers for both small business owners and tech giants like Google.  Tek Shouts! will be sure to keep you updated on this ever-changing tech environment!

Can Google and Twitter take down the social behemoth that is Facebook?  Have you been exposed to beacons before and how useful did you find them?  Let the Tek Team know in the comment section.  

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