May 22, 2015

Photos Splits From Google+ To Spread Its Wings In the Cloud

The Google Inc. Logo inside of a cartoon cloud drawn in Google's signature colors.
Google and the Cloud.  Original image from Tech Week Europe.
By Megan G.

It’s not you, Google+.  Photos just needs some time to be single.

Google+ Photos is finally ready to break up, according to a report from Bloomberg.  The new standalone Photos platform will supposedly debut next week at Google I/O, leaving Google+ and moving on to bigger, better conquests in the tech world.

The promising photo sharing and storage product brings up a couple of questions for the Tek Team.   

  1. Will the omniscient cloud of Google Drive remain the primary storage method for Photos?
  2. Can this new Photos platform succeed against behemoths like Instagram?

I suppose we will only truly know after its reveal at the Google I/O Conference.  In the meantime, let’s take a look at the factors influencing the current state of Photos and its possibilities for the future.

Google Drive, the Cloud Explained

This past March, Google+ Photos integrated with Google Drive, a cloud storage service that can hold all manner of files including photos, videos, and documents.  Drive will probably continue to be used as the storage system for the new Photos platform, which should prove excellent in terms of photo sharing, storage, and especially security. 

Google has recently shifted most of its internal systems to the cloud, noting that web-users’ previous understandings of online security are now defunct.  Firewalls and security questions have proven inadequate shields against the ferocious cyber attacks of today. 

Google and other large corporations consider cloud computing buffered by “authentication, authorization, and encryption” the best way to secure business and personal data in the future.  Check out this article to read more about their cloud infrastructure

What else can be gained from putting Photos in the cloud?  In a pertinent article from The Next Web, they postulated that Google could use their new Photos platform to create the “perfect cloud photo library.”  If anyone has the mature cloud systems to create a seamless photo library experience, it would most certainly be Google. 

Google’s Future With Photos

When you think of photos and social media, your mind probably goes to applications like Snapchat, Flickr, and Instagram.  The new Google photos platform could shake up that standard. 

Google+ Photos is already known as a great tool for photo sharing, aside from the fact that the platform is attached to the social side of Google+.  By breaking its bond from Google+, Photos can open up sharing opportunities to other popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  This brings them in direct competition with the mighty Instagram, which boasts 300 million active users taking selfies and rocking self-marketing campaigns. 

How can the new Photos platform compete?  Considering both the benefits and flaws of current photo sharing systems, Google’s new Photos platform would succeed with three features:  a great editing tool, easy organization, and social media access. 

This young project should start off strong and hopefully grow into something even better without being weighed down by Google+.  We will keep you updated on the Photos platform and other Google I/O announcements on Tek Shouts!

In your opinion, how will Google’s new Photos platform fair?  What do you know about cloud computing?  Let the Tek Team know in the comments!   

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