May 13, 2015

Google AdWords Makes Waves in the Wake of Mobilegeddon

Google AdWords Logo next to a positively rising 3D bar graph.
What’s new with Google AdWords?  Original image from Chicago’D.

By Megan G. 

After the rollout of their mobile-friendly algorithm (which turned out to be not quite so devastating after all), Google marches on in their quest for full mobile optimization of their services. 

Last week, Google stated in an Inside AdWords blog post that searches on mobile have officially surpassed those on desktop.  Knowing this, the company moves to make their Google AdWords platform a force to be reckoned with in both mobile and advertising technology. 

Look out, Facebook!  Here comes a newly-equipped ad platform!

Mobile is Dominating

Last Tuesday, May 5th, AdWords Livestream 2015 showcased the upcoming improvements to their already successful advertising platform.  “Intent and immediacy” are the key terms in this Google AdWords announcement, which is perfect for the tiny attention spans of the millennial generation.  When we intend to find, judge, and buy something, we usually intend to do so right then and there!

Here are some highlights from the announcement to get consumers, SEOs, ad agencies, and business owners pumped for these fantastic advancements-to-be.  If the features work like Google explains, these developments should save the time, energy, and money of those acting as Google AdWords managers.

1. Engaging ads that create “moments.”

Visuals and convenience form the cornerstone of the customers’ side of these AdWords updates with what Google calls moments.  Much like what customer service reps are taught it in retail and service industries, your personal moments with customers can make or break their overall experience—plus your sought-after sale.  Google’s ad platform wants to emulate positive customer service moments with AdWords.

The Livestream reported that automotive industries, hotels, and real estate agencies will benefit the most from these AdWords updates.  Google Search will feature a carousel of hi-def images for vehicle sales,  hotel ads with booking options directly in the SERPs, and a Google Compare feature that sets mortgages against competitors.  Users can browse rows of cars online, book rooms with ease, and access real estate agency comparisons side by side—minus long-winded salesmen spiels.

2. Automated features leave wiggle room for creativity and more.  

Google AdWords will have improved Automated Bidding and Dynamic Search Ads, both of which should free up time for more creative endeavors in your ad campaign.  See this webpage on Google Best Practices for vibrant display ads, which Google made readily available a few days after their Livestream.   

Automated Bidding will be buffered with a new dashboard that can evaluate the performance of your bid strategies over time and with a more transparent perspective than before. 

Dynamic Search Ads automatically show relevant advertisements for your customers based on your website content—with no keyword management required.  The tricky and time-consuming practice of keyword research may become obsolete! 

3.  Measure conversions and take out the trash.

These Google products measure the moments that your AdWords Campaign has worked so hard to create.  These tools primarily focus on measuring the conversions of your ads.  Managers can eliminate wasteful ad setups with updates to AdWords attribution tools and cross-device detection.

AdWords attribution is a fancy way of saying how much credit each keyword gets during a customer conversion.  With the new updates, AdWords will show how each keyword contributes to a sale on a customer’s entire conversion path, whether they interacted with your advertisement on one device or multiple.  

Cross-device integration comes into play here.  With the onset of mobile, consumers will often interact with ads and products on multiple devices.  For example, a customer may see an ad for a PlayStation 4 on their smartphone, think it’s a great deal, click on it, and then transfer to a computer to complete the full transaction.  Managers will be able to see that conversion play out and have that data used for better automated bids in the future. 


With an emphasis on automation and insight, these latest updates to Google AdWords truly cater to the mindsets of the digital age.  People desire faster, more transparent tech that serves business owners, marketers, and customers in a positive way.  As the official blog for Google Maps expert and AdWords manager eGumball, Inc., Tek Shouts! is eager to hear more news of these AdWords updates and their ultimate results, as well as the continued aftershocks of the Google-induced Mobilegeddon.

What features are you most interested in from this Google AdWords announcement?  What else do you want to know about AdWords?  Let the Tek Team know about your experiences, thoughts, and pressing questions in the comment section below.  

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