May 5, 2015

Customer Question of the Month

By Megan G.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, readers!  Welcome to the next installment of eGumball Inc.’s Customer Question of the Month.  Today, we tackle a common query about companies showing up in Google Search.  

The question this week is:  “Why does my business show up with some keywords and not others?”

Keywords are words or phrases used to match your website and ads with terms that people put into Google Search.  Business owners benefit from highly relevant keywords that clearly describe what their companies can provide for potential customers.  For example, “air conditioning repair,” “Brazilian blowouts,” and “pizza delivery” are relevant keywords to HVAC contractors, hair salons, and pizza parlors, respectively.

There are a few rules to keep in mind when choosing successful batches of keywords for a business.

Rules to Remember

  1. Choose keywords that customers would actually use to find a certain business online.
  2. Ensure the business has a combination of general and specific keywords.
  3. Pick the right number of keywords, which tends to be from 10-20.

Ideally, following these rules for keyword optimization should result in companies being more easily found in Search.  However, there is an underlying factor determining which keywords your business shows up with in Search:  competition.


Keyword competition is the primary reason business owners and marketing companies need a mix of both generalized and specialized keywords.  Let’s say you own that pizza parlor from the previous example.  Undoubtedly, “pizza restaurant” will be an extremely popular search term and every one of your pizza shop competitors will use it—even the big guys.  This huge level of competition means your parlor probably won’t show up with “pizza restaurant”—at least, not immediately.

eGumball ensures that your business listings are optimized with high volume keywords as well as more unique keywords with lower competition levels.  Even if your business does not initially show up for the more popular terms, our reps can find other, still relevant keywords that your company can actually rank with.

Before we end this post, let’s take a look at another important aspect of keywords and ranking.


Keyword location simply refers to where keywords can be found on your website.  Google Search-bots favor a few key areas on your website, making those spots lucrative for keyword placement.  These include title tags, meta descriptions and, of course, the bulk of content on your webpages.  Luckily, eGumball ensures that clients’ keywords can be found in all of these areas. 

Every mission statement, business description, and other pieces of web content that eGumball creates for its clients is customized specifically for each company.  Our company strives to have all clients’ web content meets Google’s high standards, with both creative, unique descriptions and keyword optimization. 

Do you have any questions you would like eGumball, Inc. to answer?  Please leave your queries in the comment section below and you may be featured in our Customer Question post next month! 

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