May 14, 2015

Check Out Our Five Most Popular Blogs of All Time

1. Virtual Scares on the Oculus Rift by Megan G. The intriguing world of virtual reality brings you the new Oculus Rift VR device, which immerses a full blown visual and aural experience into one headset. The Oculus Rift was the first device to start the virtual reality buzz now happening throughout the tech industry.

2. Google and Twitter: Feuding, Fusing, and Why Google+ is Involved by Lauren C. There are rumors that Google is interested in purchasing Twitter, which could benefit both corporations with better targeted advertisements on both platforms.

3. Cupcakes with Character: A Small Baking Business in the Big Marketing World by Megan G. Using a delicious cupcake bakery as an analogy, this article illustrates the elements of what constitutes an excellent search engine optimization and marketing campaign.

4. Five New Google Gadgets and Apps to Spice Up Your Life by Alexis G. Google is always introducing new gadgets and gizmos into the world, with some of the newest being Tablescape, Google Cardboard, Google Glass, Primer, and Photo Sphere Camera.

5. My Adventurous Day With Pegman And Google Maps by Justin H. Google brings us the lovable Pegman, a personal guide through Google Maps Street View that can be picked up and dropped into the exact location you want to explore.

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