May 18, 2015

4 Reasons Why You Need Google Reviews

A laptop opened to the Google homepage next to a full cup of coffee and a smartphone.
By Nick K.

There are many businesses who are struggling to compete for higher page ranks and obtain new customers. Since most search engines have a seemingly endless amount of page results, how are you supposed to market yourself differently from the rest of the competition?

Luckily, there’s a solution. Google reviews are a huge part of your marketing strategy. Here’s why:

Creates Credibility

How often do you search for a new restaurant or a gift shop and you select a business based on Google reviews and star ratings? Well, according to BrightLocal, over 85% of web searchers use online reviews to determine the overall quality of the business. Here is an example of what a high quality page result looks like: 

A search engine page result for Google which shows the link, website URL, company location information, rating, and reviews.

This page result sets itself apart from others by including all of the necessary information which creates credibility like star rating, the number of reviews, information about the company, as well as hyperlinks to popular sections of the website.

Identify where your Business Needs to Improve

Google reviews are a great tool to help identify where your businesses could use improvements. It is important to note that while negative reviews are unpleasant, they are a useful way to help businesses analyze what can be changed in their day-to-day operations. With the proper approach, even the smallest changes can help create a higher retention rate of customers.

Enhance your Business’ Visibility

Once your business starts receiving Google reviews, your business will see a spike in both customers and visitors, both physically and online. In addition, your business will rise in search engine page results stemming from the higher quantity and quality of Google reviews.

Improve Relationship with Customers

Believe it or not, Google reviews also assist with improving your businesses relationship with customers. If your business takes the time to care for its customers by reading and responding to their comments, as well as implementing their feedback, you will gain more trust with them.

Responding to comments also might change the opinions of people who had an average experience after seeing their opinion was recognized. So, maybe next time it might be better to hear out those dissatisfied customers and learn from them.

Google reviews are here to stay and are an essential part of how we select Internet page results today. That being said why not use Google reviews, a free service that will assist you and your business’s online presence both for the short term and long term?

Do you think that Google reviews are an effective way to establish credibility for a business? Please feel free to share your comments below.  

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