April 14, 2015

Tek This Out! Western Edition

A yellow light-bulb with the eGumball, Inc. logo on it with a grey background
Giddy up folks! Time to pack those stagecoaches and start saddling up because it is time to head out West to California to find some gold. That is right-gold!

For those who have been on Google within the past couple days, you might have noticed the Google logo has a rustic Wild West theme with a historic brown font, and a cowboy riding his horse in the hopes of making it rich in the West.

Once you see it, you might ask yourself, “Wait a minute, why is the cowboy heading east? Did he forget to check his compass before he started his great adventure?”

That’s not the case, because actually Google Doodles is celebrating the 155th anniversary of the Pony Express.

The Pony Express was founded by William H. Russell, Alexander Majors, and William B Waddell on April 3rd, 1860. For those wondering why The Pony Express was created, it was simply because people needed a more efficient way to communicate across the East and West Coasts. Therefore, pony riders functioned as the “mailmen” of the Wild West. The pony riders sure were efficient and they managed to deliver their first letters on April 14, 1860.

The Pony Express had created a new system for communication that allowed mail to be transported on routes from California to as far as Missouri. On average, the pony riders covered over 250 miles in a 24-hour day, which included stops at the Pony Express stations, where riders could rest and change 
horses to ensure a safe and punctual delivery.

Unfortunately, The Pony Express became obsolete not even two years later with the creation of the Pacific Telegraph line in October, 1861. Even though The Pony Express was not around for long, the impact it had on society can still be felt today, especially with the creation of the phone and Internet. 

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