April 29, 2015

Is This Site the New Pinterest?

A gray background that has Google Collections platform with a blue and gray diamond, with a blue box with a yellow lightbulb on it, a green box with a magnifying glass, and a red box with a miniature calendar on it.
Image courtesy of Droid Life
By Nick K.

Imagine watching your friend’s computer screen as they scroll through tiles of photos containing vibrant colors of picturesque backgrounds and lists of “Do it Yourself” projects provided by local small businesses. You look away from the computer screen for a moment and when you glance back, the screen is entirely different. It looks as if your friend is on his profile page where he saved all of his photos, but in addition to this, there are now tiles of written blogs that your friend has composed.

It almost seems like your friend was using a social media platform similar to Pinterest, yet it had the capability to publish and post blogs. As you try to make sense of what social media platform your friend is using you think, “Could such a platform that is part Pinterest and part Blogger really exist?”

Google+ Receives an Upgrade

Upon recent development news, Digital Trends has confirmed that such a social media platform will be created by Google. The details of the project are very limited at this time but sources like Droid-Life report that it will be called Google Collections, and be a part of Google+. In addition, The Windows Club said Collections will be accessible via Google+ circles, which is where you would normally view Photos, Hangouts and more.

Why the Change?

Google+ has had its fair shares of ups and downs much like the tides of the ocean. Many have argued that Google+ will never be able to compete with other social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. However, Google has no intention of leaving Google+ at the bottom of the social media ocean. It plans on revamping Google+ with the implementation of Google Collections in hopes that it will win the users and critics over.

Google envisions Collections as being the “new” Pinterest in which people have the ability to create collections of blogs, photos, and videos with a simple click of the mouse. The idea is that users will have the ability to create a “collection” of their interests and hobbies while being able to connect and network with others who have similar ones, according to Droid-life. This is an impressive boost for Google+.

How Will this Help My Business?

More importantly, how will Google Collections affect Google+ pages for businesses? Google Collections would only add motivation for business owners to create a Google+ page because Collections will be a useful tool for reaching new customers based on their interests, such as auto repair, home remodeling, and outdoor activities. In addition, Collections will be picture-based, so advertising to new customers might be easier if you are able to market your business using eye-catching photos and composing creative content for customers to follow.

The soon-to-be reality of having a “new” Pinterest is a very exciting one. In the upcoming months, there will hopefully be more news that will further explain the details regarding Google Collections. Until then, Google will still keep holding on to Google+ as it awaits its special VIP invitation to the Social Media club.

What are your thoughts about Google Collections? Do you think it will give Google+ the push it needs to be a Social Media success?  


  1. I love hearing about new social media like this.

    However, I do have my reservations, because if this is meant to be a pinterest killer (like G+ was to FB), then I wait with bated breath.

    Thanks for bringing it to our attention!

    1. Hey Richard,

      Thank you for your comment and insights. I agree that it will be interesting to see of how Google Collections will pan out. I think it all comes down to how Google+ approaches the social media market with Google Collections. Will Google+ come flying out of the gates saying it will replace Pinterest and will eventually take on Facebook, or will they start out slow and slowly work their way up and gain popularity and interest of social media users. Only time will tell!

      The Tek Team