April 22, 2015

Google’s Mobilegeddon Part 2: Apocalypse Now

#Mobilgeddon in white text over a hand holding a smartphone.  The mobile user is taking a photo of a fiery comet hurtling towards a metropolitan city.
Courtesy of: Search Engine Land

By Lauren C.


The day has arrived. The Panic has set in. Bigwigs and SEO experts across the country have been uttering breathless remarks about the impending havoc that Google’s mobile update will cause. According to Bill Nagel, chief marketing strategist and co-founder of Google Premier SMB Partner-Netsertive, “We have received a lot of concern from our customer base, I think because of all the news and warnings. Google is really serious about this.”

So the concern is real. Mobilegeddon is a Google algorithm update that discriminates against non-mobile-friendly sites, but is it really as frightening as its nickname implies? Earlier, we explored the potential effect that Mobilegeddon could have on non-mobile friendly sites. Now that the day of doom has arrived, it’s important to see the actual impact that Google’s algorithm has had.

Money and Influence Can’t Buy You Love

It’s easy to assume that big names wouldn’t be affected as much by Mobilegeddon as smaller mom and pop business sites. Smaller businesses often don’t have the resources nor the need to create the savviest site possible, and they often have designs that are simply functional, at best. However, there were quite a few big names who have been hit hard by Google’s algorithm update. Whether it affects their revenue and rankings is yet to be seen.

Some of these include:

1.  The Drudge Report- This is an American news site that aggregates articles into links. It is highly popular, with 3 million page hits per day. Owner Matt Drudge will probably get around to fixing his site, but for now it seems that he isn’t too concerned. I guess if you’re that successful, a little setback like Mobilegeddon doesn’t faze you.

2. Versace- This is the Italian fashion company that has with world-wide recognition. Either they weren’t paying attention, or they just didn’t prioritize it, but they don’t have a mobile-friendly site. Will their rankings be negatively affected, and will they update their site? We’ll have to wait and see.

3. See’s Candy- If you’re looking to buy some delicious chocolate online and have it delivered straight to your significant other’s front door, you may have a few problems finding this site online. Though See’s is well known across the country for its savory, scrumptious chocolate truffles, they might not rank as high on mobile devices until they update their design.

So is the Panic Real?

The panic is real only if those who have non mobile-friendly sites refuse to respond to the update. Though USA Today stated that almost 40% of websites will be affected by Mobilegeddon, it’s not as though that 40% cannot change their site to be mobile-friendly. Daily Mail, a popular gossip UK- based site was hit by the update, and as of today, their website now meets the algorithm criteria, according to Google’s Mobile Friendly Test.

Thank goodness that Google will allow these big names to have a second chance. Maybe now these bigwigs can get on board and start updating their sites, so they are no longer affected by Google’s mobile-friendly update.

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