April 13, 2015

Google and Twitter: Feuding, Fusing, and Why Google+ is Involved

The Google+ logo next to the Twitter logo on a grey background.
Courtesy of thenextweb.com

By Lauren C.

Google: The Lovable Monopolist

If Google were in charge of Planet Internet, it would be deemed a mostly benevolent dictator. After all, there is no search engine that comes close to being a true competitor of this giant, and nobody that can compete with the 95% of advertising revenue that Google generates through AdWords. Nor can anyone match the effect that Google Maps has had on people all across the globe.

Like any strong leader, Google has changed its approach in the ever-shifting tech environment. Once disdainful of lobbying and politicking amongst the elite, Google now appears to have a heavy hand in the trough. It’s hard to blame them! When you’re that big and powerful, you have to make friends to stay that way.

Despite all of this, there is something that Google has struggled with: social media. Though Google+ is a useful tool for businesses-thanks to the fact that it is interlinked to nearly all Google platforms across the web, it has never been very popular as a communicative tool in a casual, Facebook type of way.

The Plot Thickens: Rumors of Google Purchasing Twitter

Last week, there was news that Twitter hired Goldman Sachs to defend itself against being gobbled up by Google. Google-Twitter feuds have been linked before, though neither company has commented on this particular issue. If the merger occurred, it would be $33 billion added value for Google, and one of the largest mergers to ever take place.

So why does a huge player like Google need to purchase Twitter? Twitter generates a massive amount of revenue, but their net worth is about half that of Google, and Google has millions of other projects that occupy their time. Unless of course, this is about the failure of Google+ as a viable social media alternative, and the fact that Google sees the acquisition of Twitter as a way to dominate the social spectrum.

If the Twitter rumors are to be believed, then this quote from Google Chairman Eric Schmidt would make more sense. Last December he stated that, “the biggest mistake that I made was not anticipating the rise of the social networking phenomenon. It’s not a mistake we’re going to make again.”


If the Rumors Are True, What Could Twitter and Google Do For Each Other?

There may be a huge benefit if Google acquired Twitter, not only for both corporations, but for users. According to the Guardian, Google could potentially Increase the number of advertisers on Twitter because of Google AdWords and AdSense. Finally, they could increase the global reach of Twitter, and add the social platform to Android mobile software.

Twitter, in turn, could be a great social media asset for Google, considering the Google+ debacle. The social media site could also allow for an advertising platform that is already mobile-friendly, which is a plus considering Google’s recent Mobile algorithm update. Twitter also has a great reputation for user privacy, which Google has struggled to portray.

Of course, much of this is just rumor, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if Google tried to take on another challenge. After all, in order to remain the number one search engine, continuous innovation and collaborative projects are key to growth and survival.

Do you believe the rumors that Google will try to buy Twitter? If so, what do you think the consequences of such a merger would be? Let us know in the comments!


  1. This is the first I've heard of this. Guess I don't get out much.

    Overall, I hope Google doesn't get their hands on Twitter. Not only for the fact that it's one more piece in a potential internet monopoly.

    The other reason I hope they don't buy it up, is because they could likely trash it like they have YouTube with the ridiculous amount of advertising. For me they are creating a poor user experience on YT, hate to see them do the same with Twitter.

    On a side note, I sure don't see G+ as a debacle or failure, I personally think it is picking up steam and only growing larger. I prefer G+ because it's more "business" than the likes of places such as facebook. But I am not a social expert, so maybe I am way off :)

    Interesting news :)

    1. Hi Ron!

      Thanks for your comment! There has only been speculation that Google might be interested in buying Twitter due to the fact that Twitter recently hired a lawyer to fend off advances from Google. However, there is no way to draw any substantial conclusions, since both corporations refuse to comment on the matter.

      I too agree that Google+ has not been a failure, and has actually been quite successful as a tool for businesses. However, on the social media side, it isn't very "fun" to use, and doesn't have that interactive type of platform that Twitter and Facebook have.

      Thanks again for your thoughts, and for being a Tek Shouts reader!