April 10, 2015

eGumball, Inc. Serves, Rallies, and Smashes its Way Through their Annual Ping-Pong Tournament

An orange ping-pong ball with an eGumball, Inc. logo on it sits on top of a blue ping-pong table.

By Nick K.

The overhead lights were turned on, the net was assembled, and the floors were cleared around the ping-pong table. There was the smell of new rubber on the ping-pong paddles and the echoes of shoes screeching across the floor.

Soon, there would be sights of the ball flying back and forth, as the crowd cheers on their fellow coworkers.

The eGumball ping-pong matchups were posted in the break room as employees gathered in anticipation to see what challengers they would face. Questions started to arise, would last year’s champion reaffirm his dominate once again? Or would there be a new champion? Only time would tell.
The stage had been officially set for eGumball’s annual ping-pong tournament, held from April 6, 2015 to April 10, 2015.

During the week, over 45 employees participated in the companywide event. The format of the tournament included two different brackets for men and women that ensured a balanced competition all around.

Today marks the end of this week-long tournament, and the final matches for both brackets were ones for the record books. There was definitely an exciting and competitive buzz going around the office this week. More importantly, this year’s event drew plenty of community spirit from all of the employees. The competition was fierce and there were plenty of upsets, including the dethroning of last year’s champion.

eGumball, Inc. is proud of hosting such a great tournament and happy for all who participated. With two new champions, who knows how the next tournament will play out and who will shine through to glory and win the next Ping-Pong Champion title!

What are some of your favorite community building activities in the work place? Please feel free to share them below in the comments.

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