April 7, 2015

Customer Question of the Month

By Megan G.

Tek Shouts! will be featuring a popular customer question of the month in order to keep all customers, as well as future customers, well-informed about Google Map Optimization. If these customers have a question, you might have the same one!

The question this week is:  “Why am I not ranking?” 

This is a common query for any business owner trying to get their company seen on Google Search and Google Maps.  There are actually a ton of factors that go into this. 

I’ll let one of our customer service reps highlight one of the reasons you might be ranking lower than others in Search:

“As far as Google goes, when there is inconsistent information attached to the business phone number, Google tends to not trust the listing.  This is usually why a business doesn’t rank well and we [eGumball, Inc.] provide the clean-up of this information.  Other issues can come from duplicate Google listings that need to be reported/taken down, as well as a lack of content on their website.”

The first issue our rep is addressing is part of your company’s NAP:  Name, Address, and Phone number.  If that information is incorrect or inconsistent on your various webpages, then Google will not consider your business legitimate, or will give you a low trust score.  Low trust scores means low rankings, so ensure your NAP is complete and correct on all of your websites, directory listings, and especially your Google My Business profile.

As for duplicate Google listings, these can occur in a couple of ways.  You may have transferred old business listings from Google My Business’ former version, Google Places, before the feature’s upgrade.  Or, if you have multiple Google accounts, you may have verified your business listing on all of them, resulting in duplicate listings.  If this is the case, eGumball can assist with the removal of these listings with relative ease.

Finally, let’s talk about a lack of content on your website.  If you have read anything on marketing and local search in the past few months, you’ll recall the phrase “content is king,” especially in regards to Google.  The more textual and visual content that Google has to sift through on your website, the more chances it has to detect keywords, key phrases, images, and more factors that will help your search engine ranking.  Don’t forget that your content needs to be high quality, unique, and tailored towards a positive user experience.

We hope you enjoyed our first edition of Customer Question of the Month!  Join us next month when we tackle the question “Why does my business show up with some keywords and not others?”

About eGumball Inc.: eGumball Inc. is a Google Maps Marketing company based in Irvine, CA. Incorporated in 2007, eGumball assists local businesses by increasing their online presence on Google Search and Google Maps.

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