March 20, 2015

Spring Break: Google Street View Edition

A discarded purse, hat, sandals, and sunglasses on a beautiful beach.
Get excited, everybody, because it is that time of year again! Spring break 2015! Folks everywhere are flocking to beaches, music festivals, big cities and cruise ships. That is, unless you have work.

Don’t feel bad, because Google has found a way for you to embark on a vacation without having to take out a second mortgage on your house. You also can avoid a crippling sunburn and all the other bad decisions you may have made under the spring break spell.

The increase in popularity of Google Street View has revolutionized Google Maps. With just a few clicks of a mouse, you can be entrenched right in the heart of any location or venue in the world. In 2012, Google teamed with Catlin Seaview Survey to photograph some stunning views of the Great Barrier Reef, which we have previously showcased here at Tek Shouts! Suddenly, Google Street View now has underwater capabilities, making it even more of a fascinating feature.

As for your office-based spring break adventure, there are plenty of other exciting locations where you can vicariously immerse yourself. So, why not take a break from those spreadsheets and emails and venture off into the wonderful world of Google Street View?

A view of the Taj Mahal across a gorgeous garden and fountain area.

Taj Mahal

It may not be anywhere near the top of most spring break destination wish lists, but how often do you have the chance to go there? The Taj Mahal is now the most widely-searched destination in Asia on Google Street View.

People will always be fascinated by the beautiful white marble structure. Virtual global travelers flock to the Taj Mahal due to its obscure location, much like they do with many other historical heritage areas. For instance, Mount Fuji in Japan is also often right at the top of the most-searched list.

A top-down view of someone zip-lining through the Amazon Jungle canopy.

The Amazon Jungle

Images were released this week to let viewers experience exactly what it’s like to zip through the trees of the Amazon jungle. Street View typically provides panoramic views of cities and surrounding areas via car-mounted cameras, but once in a while it provides a nugget like this. Because, who wants to walk down the street on spring break when you can soar through the world’s biggest forest?

Google captured the stunning photos by teaming up with Amazonas Sustainable Foundation (FAS) to explore a very remote part of the rainforest. FAS borrowed Google’s Trekker device, which is a camera mounted on a gadget that is meant to be carried much like a backpack by hikers. They then figured, why not just try Trekker on a zip line?

An undersea view of the clear, blue ocean with 4 dolphins swimming.

Brazilian Islands

Grab your flippers. We’re going snorkeling!

Google once again loaned its Trekker device out for a good cause. The latest addition of breathtaking underwater Street View photos have come from some unfrequented spots. Google has provided a bevy of awe-inspiring shots around the Brazilian islands of Fernando de Noronha and Atol das Rocas by hitting the sea with a small underwater scooter. Both are UNESCO heritage sites full of waterfalls and gorgeous beaches.

Looks like the perfect spring break spot, no?

A white, sandy beach with a bunch of vacationers lounging and wearing bright colors.

Miami Beach

Of course, there are always the classics.

Miami is typically the most popular US destination for college students on their breaks, who flock to the luxurious beaches and Ultra Music Festival, a weekend-long party featuring some of the biggest names in the music industry.

If your ear drums aren’t up for that challenge, Miami’s beaches and nightlife provide a relaxing and enjoyable getaway both in real life and on Google Maps.


Don’t feel bad for being a hard worker! Millions of wonderful people will be confined to their offices during the time that they once were free to roam the beaches. However, that does not mean you can’t have a little fun of your own. Save yourself the plane ticket and fire up that imagination, because Spring Break: Google Street View edition is quite tropical this time of year.

Where are you going for spring break? Have you been to any of these places? Tell us of your traveling endeavors in the comment section below!

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