March 19, 2015

Innovator of the Month: Bruce Clay

Bruce Clay standing in front of a presentation made by his company:  Bruce Clay, Inc.
Bruce Clay.  Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Who is Bruce Clay?

Bruce Clay has been practicing search engine optimization since 1996.  Before Google and its algorithms, Clay and his colleagues called their work “search engine ranking.”
The search engine king of the day was a company called Infoseek that, according to Clay, was “the world’s best lab environment” for testing ranking strategies. It’s amazing how much freedom they had to explore new ranking techniques!

Most of Bruce Clay’s experimenting consisted of editing pages to push them to the top of search engines. It sounds tedious, but was highly effective before Google Search was launched.

Fun Facts

Clay describes old SEO work as a “cottage industry,” meaning most people worked out of their homes.

One of Bruce Clay’s first clients was a practicing witch who sold Wicca supplies out of her garage.

Although he doesn’t flaunt it, Clay has been credited for coining the term, “SEO.”

Why He Will Go Into the SEO History Books

Bruce Clay currently heads Bruce Clay, Inc., a global internet marketing optimization firm.  He is responsible for creating the award-winning SEOToolSet, which teaches aspiring SEO masters organic optimization techniques.  He also frequently speaks at SEO industry conferences, including SMX.

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