February 27, 2015

Map This, Earth That: What You Can Do with Google’s Navigation Tools

An image of Google Earth Logo over Google Maps Logo
By Nick K.

When looking up directions, do you immediately think to use Google Maps? That answer is probably a yes! While Bing and Yahoo Maps serve the same function as Google Maps, they only offer a subpar experience. To enhance your experience Google needs a little help from their navigation tools, Google Maps and Google Earth. Let’s explore how they help.

Google Maps and Google Earth display similar aspects to help create a better user experience. Both navigation tools display satellite images with zoom capabilities, provide a Street View, and have the ability to search for places across the world. However, there are still several differences between Google Maps and Google Earth.

Sure, both tools sound different based on the literal words of Map and Earth, but is there actually a more in-depth disparity? Let’s find out.                     

Google Maps: Routing your next Destination  

For starters, Google Maps is a web tool that includes a 2D interface allowing people to navigate from point A to point B. Maps provides accurate turn-by-turn navigation features, as well as lane guidance information to create an easy and stress-free journey.

Android Central, describes Google Maps is a lightweight navigation tool that contains points of interest with a handful of satellite images. Google Maps aims at creating the best user experience by providing traffic updates, up-to-date information, and routes for the most popular travel methods.

What if you are terrible at finding your way by yourself even with Google Maps, and always find yourself lost with nowhere to turn? Fear no more with Google Map’s Pegman. He is your traveling buddy who is always ready to assist you with all your traveling needs. He sits in the bottom right corner of Google Maps on your desktop screen and is one of the best traveling friends on the Internet. Sorry Waze, your little cars are cute, but Pegman takes the cake.

Google Earth: Exploration Awaits

How about if you don’t care about directions and want to just explore the world?
Then perhaps Google Earth might be what you’re looking for. Unlike Google Maps, Google Earth is a standalone program that provides 3D images of the Earth. Google Earth focuses more on providing high quality images instead of street maps and point- to-point directions.

Google Earth provides an incredible experience, especially for visual learners. Earth’s realistic 3D images make this a great tool to see what our wonderful our world really looks like. Google Earth implements high resolution satellite images from outer space. Talk about far out! You have extensive access to landmarks like the massive skyscrapers in New York and the picturesque Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. You can witness authentic geographical terrain with just a few clicks of your mouse. Think of it like being on Disney California Adventure’s Soarin’ Over California, minus the seatbelt!  

Before you enjoy this one-of-a-kind ride, upgrade to Google Earth Pro, since it is free! Plus, the Pro edition has so many useful features that business owners can use to improve their business strategy.

To wrap up our discussion, we can conclude by saying that Google maps and Google Earth share similar features, but overall function of each tool is different. Maps is for navigation, while Earth is for exploration. So, the next time you have a discussion about Google Maps and Google Earth, you can shed some light on the topic with confidence!

Do you have a preference on which navigation tool you use more often, either Google Maps or Google Earth? Please feel free to leave a comment below!  

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