February 4, 2015

Explore Google Earth like a Pro

Satellite 3D image of Earth and light beams taveling across it with the sun behind it
By Nick K.

Have you ever wanted to be a pro at something? How about a pro explorer who travels the world
without exhausting your life savings? How about a pro real estate agent, who provides her clients with the optimal location information before they move to a new area? Thankfully Google has made being a pro easier than ever before.

The beloved Google Earth program has now made Google Earth Pro accessible to everyone. What once was a $399 per year is now free! Who doesn’t enjoy free stuff?
Google Earth Pro is loaded with extra features for both casual explorers and business owners. The first step to being a Google Earth Pro is to learn about all the tools for a stress-free, virtual flight to your next destination. Let’s take a look at the Google Earth Pro toolbox!

An Even More Realistic Landscape

For starters, if you thought the 3-D landscapes from Google Earth were realistic, just wait until you view the Pro premium, high resolution images. The Pro edition includes aerial images, panoramic images with Street View, points of interest, and even historical sites like Mount Rushmore!

These high quality images are printable so you can show off those awesome photography skills, which are often provided by web-users like yourself! Pro’s images are so realistic, you might even forget that you’re looking at a computer screen.

The Nomad and the Business Owner

In addition to providing gorgeous vistas for explorers, Google Earth Pro also provides great features for business owners. If you want to relocate to a new area or expand your operations, Google Earth Pro provides insightful statistics regarding traffic data, parcel data, and demographic data. But what if you are searching for new addresses in the area? Pro also allows users to geocode data. Geocoding is the process of pinpointing an exact location on a map based on the location description. An example would be trying to pinpoint a specific street in North America, which would normally take quite a while to find. This process allows searching for multiple addresses in the timeliest manner possible.

Architectural Features to Visualize the Future of your Company

Google Earth Pro also allows businesses to plan, measure, and visualize their future, whether they want to upgrade their current office building or plan to transfer to a new one. Google Earth Pro is ideal when planning for the future of an office building, measuring a plot of land, or an abandoned lot, or even certain parts of town.

Virtual Field Trips for Meetings and Demonstrations

The most exciting part about Google Earth Pro is the ability for users to create custom movies and images. These can be used in presentations and shared with potential clients. These movies are a virtual, non-stop, field trip for you to share with others, either in person or through email. Last but not least of Pro’s features is the ability to create simple, colorful, and easy-to-use maps. Both user created films and maps are ideal for experiencing international parts of the world right from your own computer.

Google really has thought of it all!

Your Next Journey Awaits

So what are you waiting for? Why not head on over to Google Maps and retrieve your free key and create your own journey across the entire world. There is adventure out there and a vast number of places waiting to be explored. Just don’t forget to bring your traveling diary along with you!

Have you used Google Earth before? Where are some of your favorite places you have taken a virtual field trip using Google Earth? Please feel free to leave a comment below.  

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