January 9, 2015

What to Lose in 2015: You Can't Spell Resolution Without SEO

By Justin H.

New Year, new you! We have all heard that adage a million times, but how can you truly make 2015 your year when it comes to SEO and content marketing? You can start by leaving a few preconceived notions and outdated ideologies in 2014. Consider this new approach as your online juice fast, which will cleanse your business and prepare it for a huge year.

LOSE: Limiting Your Brand Awareness to only Social Media

The benefits of social media are immeasurable. It can help create visibility for your brand, help you stay in touch with your audience, funnel traffic towards your website, and much more. Despite the constant online interaction in our daily lives, the lost art of offline networking still has its place in today’s world.

Tweets and likes cannot hold a candle to old-fashioned, face-to-face meetings that create an immediate strong rapport with another party. In an article for Business News Daily, Cornell University entrepreneur Benjamin Roberts stated, “You are far more likely to win over a customer with a firm handshake, confident smile and well-rehearsed pitch than page upon page of industry data supporting your product.” This holds true even in 2015.

Even the most extroverted online personality could not hide a lack of offline marketing acumen, specifically for owners of small businesses. It has been the most reliable way to build trust in a business, and will remain that way for the foreseeable future.

An online following is best suited to validate what the world already knows about a business from firsthand experience. Your social media presence should be the icing on the cake, not the main course.

LOSE: Assuming Great Content is Enough

Strong content is still the top SEO tool marketers can employ, but it cannot stand on its own. Hard work beats talent online and off. No matter how great or unique your content is, it is still only a drop of water in the internet’s oceanic database of content. With so many voices out there, truly unique content is harder to produce than ever.

Instead of simply churning out content, marketers must do what they do best: market! In 2014, the Content Marketing Institute documented that 70% of B2B and B2C brands increased their amount of content output over a span of 12 months. However, relying strictly on the quality of content puts a business behind the 8-ball. You have to know just what to do with it and how to promote it to keep up with search engines’ ever-changing algorithms, (there were 14 major changes in 2014 alone).

LOSE: Failing to Keep Up With the Times

Mozilla’s new partnership with Yahoo has already shaken up the search engine competition a bit, resulting in Google’s largest drop in search market share since 2009. Not only has Firefox adopted Yahoo, but Google’s contract with Safari will end in 2015, as well. Due to Google’s previously bumpy relationship with Apple in the Google Maps department, it is no sure thing that partnership will be renewed. This means the New Year will see the increased importance of Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo optimization.

Final Thoughts
The year 2014 also represented the first time that mobile traffic exceeded desktop traffic. Images and page layouts are crucial in certifying that your mobile SEO is up to speed for user experience and rankings. Google even has a link that allows you to check just how mobile-friendly your site is! How 2015 of them.

Do you have a New Year’s ReSEOlution? Feel free to let us know in the comment section and start a conversation!