January 23, 2015

Don’t Settle on Bad Directions: Let Google Maps be Your Copilot

By Nick K.

Are your friends terrible at giving directions? Are you the person driving 5 miles an hour on a busy street, looking for the right turn? Great news, smartphone users! You can now share driving directions with the Version 9.3 of Google Maps. This updated version comes equipped with many new and exciting features, such as stopping those annoying location pop-up reminders and makes talking to your smartphone even more useful.

In previous versions of Google Maps, users were only able to share their current location and travel destination with others. With the new direction sharing feature, you can save at least 5 to 10 minutes of having to look up directions on your own. These shareable directions can be sent to a computer, smartphone, and even a tablet. With this application, convenience and important seems to be on Google’s to-do list, as well as exterminating all of the bugs in the previous versions.

Image from Engadget. 

Is there really a reason to turn off that location button? For those who don’t, there is now a way to turn off the pop-up reminders of your location services. With a society that’s always on the go and wanting instant gratification, it really is the little improvements that make a world of difference.

I like talking to my phone just as much as the person next to me. Especially when driving, listening to voice-guided GPS and voice messaging features help keep my eyes on the road. Google has improved this feature, as well as providing detailed information about key locations, and Street View photos. The mobile app takes the panic out of being lost and gives your friend, who lives on a one-way street in a busy city, piece of mind when they provide directions to their house.

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