December 9, 2014

Tips and Tricks to Optimize Your AdWords Campaign This Holiday Season

By Lauren C.

Retailers and marketers have an enormous task on their plates each holiday season. Their products and services must be able to compete effectively in a broad, global market that becomes progressively more cutthroat each year. With the growth of Ecommerce and mobile commerce, companies must be especially competitive and innovative with their online advertisements. Here are a few tips from the experts on how businesses can improve their AdWords campaigns and expand their marketing capabilities this holiday season.

1. Browse Google’s Trends pages.
Google advises all companies to begin the optimization process by browsing its trend pages to understand what is popular around the globe during the holidays. Google Trends can “help you get a sense of the most popular searches by region, or help you identify searches that are just beginning to take off.” The Google Trends pages are helpful because the tool breaks down information and products into categories, so retailers can see their competition in certain niches. This will help advertisers understand which marketing terms provide the biggest impact to a specific audience.

2. Businesses must use Ad Extensions.

Ad extensions are an advertising format in AdWords campaigns that shows an extra tidbit of information about a business. Ad extensions allow the user to try a product, call about a product, or download an example of a product (like an application) before deciding on whether or not to use it. These extensions help products and services stand out amongst other AdWords campaigns, and aid users in understanding more about the product itself before they purchase it.

3. Businesses must use Ad Customizers.

Ad customizers adapt or change the text of advertisements so that it is tailored more towards what the user is trying to understand about a product. For example, an ad customizer would add the exact amount of days until a sale ends to the text of an ad, also called a “countdown” feature. This creates a sense of urgency and a call to action so the user feels compelled to click on the advertisement before the allotted time has passed. Ad customizers are simple to use and work by creating parameters or directions that are inserted into the AdWords campaign.

4. Businesses must use Broad Match Modifier for keywords.
Broad match modifier is a tool that allows ads to show up for a broader set of keywords that encompasses a wider set of possible matches. Search engines will identify close variants of keywords, such as misspellings and singular/plural forms of words as opposed to one, exact keyword. This will help businesses and marketers be found more easily, and thus acquire more clicks and conversions in their ad campaigns.

In Conclusion

According to Google, holiday shoppers visit almost 12 sites before they decide to make a purchase during the holidays. The competition is high and the patience of the shopper is low, so companies must find a way to make their AdWords campaigns stand out among the rest. It would behoove all companies to use these tips to optimize their ads and boost their sales this holiday season.


  1. That's great to know about the tips and I am excited about the tricks to implement in my account..great share..

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    1. Thanks Aditya for your thoughts on AdWords. We hope that these tips will help you and your business.