December 12, 2014

Customer Service at eGumball for 2015

Along with many special events and charities that eGumball plans to take part in this coming year, eGumball’s customer service department has some exciting news for the year of 2015. eGumball takes pride in providing only the best services for our loyal customers. To better assist our customers and their businesses, especially those on the East Coast, our customer service line is now open from 7:30AM to 7:30PM (PST).

Furthermore, eGumball’s customer service representatives now create status reports of our customer’s campaigns to show how much progress has been made and where they are ranking. eGumball works hard to keep you in the “know” about your account, as well as the status of SEO and Google Maps optimization here on Tek Shouts!

Be sure to ask an eGumball customer service representative about your PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign!

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