November 17, 2014

Wipe out for Reddit’s CEO

By Nick K.

In recent social media news, Reddit CEO Yishan Wong has stepped down from his high-ranking position. People speculate that his resignation happened for ridiculous reasons, such as not obtaining the office he originally wanted, according to The Daily Caller. Thankfully, more concrete information and details are beginning to surface.

Upon further research, Yishan Wong admitted that he has stepped down from CEO position based on many reasons that Forbes reported, including his lack of leadership experience and the unhealthy lifestyle that the stress of the job caused him. As a first time CEO, the amount of success Wong achieved while leading Reddit was incredible. For the 2 ½ years that he was CEO, Wong brought Reddit’s popularity to new heights and the website currently continues to grow.

Although it is surprising that this major change has happened, especially for a highly successful social media platform, Wong’s resignation is the right move.Wong commented that he was not fully prepared to handle the daunting task of moving forward as Reddit’s CEO. According to ABC News, the position had massively affected his personal relationships and he admitted to pushing himself “too far” for what the position entailed.

It takes great humility and courage for Wong to recognize that he needed to step down for the greater good of Reddit. The decision for Wong to step down ensures the social sharing site will continue its current success. Yishan Wong will certainly be missed by many, but he is confident that Reddit will continue to expand and grow under new leadership. 

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