November 3, 2014

SEO versus SEM

By Nick K.

Two of the most popular and effective search engine tools are search engine optimization (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM).

Let’s explore these great online tools.

The text, "SEO" created with gears, targets, links, and other tools used to investigate and experiment.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is an organic, and natural method used to align your business website with search engine rules and regulations. If your business website is optimized properly it will contain strong original content, well-written Meta tags, (keyword phrase content), and a user-friendly, simple site design.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is a targeted paid search engine tool used to look for instant search engine results. According to Staples, SEM focuses on purchasing advertising space on search engine result pages. This will allow your business to appear above organic search results in a specific paid search results area on major search engines. Raise my rank also detailed the two different parts to SEM: paid inclusion and pay-per-click, advertising. Paid inclusion is when a business pays a search engine to instantly add their website to its database, ultimately surpassing all the organic searches.

When searching for the term “search engine optimization” the results that appear first at the top of the results page with a yellow box exemplify SEM tactics. While organic search results appear without a yellow box and underneath the paid search results.

Which is better?

It is difficult to select which search engine tool is better than another. There are pros and cons when using these search engine tools to generate a greater online presence. SEO might be better when measuring long term online success because it doesn't require a hefty budget unlike SEM. But SEM does guarantee instant website popularity through paid advertisements appearing above organic search listings.

All in all, when a business is ready to start promoting their website, they need to integrate both SEO and SEM to be successful. Luckily eGumball provides SEO and SEM services available for you efficient optimization for you business. For your business it is entirely up to you on deciding which search engine tool would be more beneficial! 


  1. True! It's quite difficult to compare and select which of these two is the best and the most effective. But whatever the business would like to acquire they need to be open for advantages and disadvantages. If your interested, check clickminded seo training for more info.

  2. Hey Techiv,

    Thank you for your comments and I hope you enjoyed the article. I do agree with you that businesses need to be open too all the advantages and disadvantages that both SEO and SEM provide.

    -The Tek Team