November 10, 2014

Android 5.0 Lollipop: Just How Sweet Is It?

By Nick K. 

Once again Android has outdone itself with the release of its latest operating system update. Like previous Android updates, Jelly Bean 4.1 and KitKat 4.4, Android is sticking with its candy update theme by introducing Android 5.0, Lollipop . Android has promised that this OS update will satisfy any Android user’s sweet tooth. 

Let’s unwrap the Lollipop to see what Android owners can enjoy:

Sweet visual overhaul
Android’s main goal with the Lollipop update was to focus on visual changes by providing brighter and trendier icons and menus. Android wanted to reduce overall on-screen clutter associated with opening and closing of pages. As a result, the latest update has created a “pencil and paper feel” to how pages and applications are displayed.

Exquisite performance enhancements
The new Lollipop update implements major application performance and responsiveness upgrades, battery improvements, and many security updates to ensure that users’ information is kept safe. Lollipop allows for extended battery use by minimizing the amount of energy used by applications. For increased phone security, Lollipop introduces encryption improvements and a smart lock feature that activates when users pair their phone with another device.

Delightful usage improvements
The amount of appealing new features doesn’t stop there as Android’s latest update brings a fluid feel when navigating through the home screen. The update also provides more refinements to the “OK Google” application, such as using this feature without unlocking your phone. In addition, minor touches were added as well, such as double-tapping your Android device screen to wake it up instead of using power buttons.    

Sugar-coated interface
Lollipop introduces new menu color schemes to the Android interface, which reflects a sparkling and polished look.  Lollipop has also refined the quick settings toolbar and added new icons for all Google apps. In addition, Lollipop created a new notification customization system to control how and when you receive updates, a guest mode, and a screen pinning-ability to restrict people to a “pinned” application. 

Lollipop is definitely worth the long and much anticipated wait for Android users. Once again, Android users can adventure down Android’s candy lane and experience how divine the latest OS update truly is!   

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