November 24, 2014

Amazon’s Fire Phone Smolders and Fizzles to Failure

By Nick K.

Why was it extinguished?

The Amazon Fire Phone did not live up to consumers’ technology expectations because it was overpriced and exclusive only to AT&T. As a result, the only real fire created from Amazon’s smartphone was a significant loss in sales and an inventory of over $83 million in unsold smartphones.

Amazon tried to keep up with the times by releasing their own custom designed smartphone last July called the Amazon Fire Phone. The smartphone seemed promising during Amazon’s product presentation, especially because the Fire Phone included a sleek phone design, and a 3D user interface.

Amazon Fire Phone fizzled out because:

1.    Amazon Fire Phone tried to contend with the latest generation iPhone and Galaxy smartphones. Upon release the Fire Phone attempted to set the new standard for the next generation of smartphones until the release of the iPhone 6 and Galaxy Note 4 which ultimately put out dimly lit embers of the Fire Phone. 

2.    Amazon Fire Phone lacked popular smartphone features like Google Play applications and services. The Amazon Fire Phone ran a similar version of Android lacked basic Google applications like Hangouts, or Google+.

3.    The phone had a decent overall performance rating, but had overheating issues and an average-grade battery. The Fire Phone was no match compared to the latest generation of smartphones providing optimal performance and battery enhancements.

4.    Amazon’s Fire Phone restricted its phone network services to only AT&T. In addition, the Fire Phone came with an unattractive 2-year $199 contract plan. The motivation for users to switch over to AT&T for the Fire Phone wasn’t there, simply because people could purchase an iPhone 6 for the same 2-year $199 contract plan with multiple providers.

5.    Amazon tried to start a fire with water. The Fire Phone relied heavily on gimmicks and less on the smartphone user experience, such as adding an auto-scroll feature and including only 1-year of Amazon Prime membership which seems minimal considering how long most people own their smartphone.

Reigniting the Fire Phone’s Future
Amazon has made great attempts at trying to earn more sales of the Fire Phone by finding new methods to market the smartphone better and by lowering the AT&T contract price to $0.99 cents for a limited time. In addition, daily software and firmware updates have been made to improve overall phone performance.

All in all, Amazon is aware of the brutal hardships that come along with entering the smartphone market. Hopefully next time, Amazon learns from their mistakes and creates a smartphone that is more suited for the strict demands of the smartphone market.

What do you think this says about smartphone consumer product demands? Feel free to comment and share your opinion below!


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