October 14, 2014

The Smartphone Epidemic

By Nick K.

Although smartphones have become a normal accessory in our everyday lives, it wasn’t too long ago that the first smartphones were released. Since then, the smartphone has taken off faster than a shooting star and started a mobile phone revolution. In fact, according to businessinsider.com, smartphone ownership increased from 5% of the global population in 2009, to 22% by the end of 2013. That means smartphone ownership has gained over 1 billion global users in just four years. What explains the giant increase? The answer is the smartphone empowers users to access information at any place and any time. The creation of a computer and a phone might be one of the greatest technological breakthroughs in our current generation, but not one person could have predicted that the smartphone would have altered society as much as it has.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The smartphone has affected society in numerous ways, including excessive smartphone overuse, disjointed interpersonal human communication and adopting the smartphone into their daily routine.

According to Nielsen.com, Americans spend 34 hours a month using smartphone apps and the mobile web December 2013, up six hours from December 2012. Nielsen.com also points out people from the U.K. spend an average of over 40 hours per month on their smartphone. Because the data was from December 2013, the average has increased since then. In fact, people use smartphones on average 1.8 hours a day according to digitalbuzzblog.com, and most people still use their computer, either at home or at work, in addition to their phone to access the same information.

There is no denying that the smartphone has altered our daily interactions people have with one another and how our daily routine incorporates heavy smartphone usage. From the time most people wake up until the end of their day, they are constantly checking their smartphone for notifications and various applications. Digitalbuzzblog.com broke down how much time was actually spent on smartphones back in 2013, and the results are startling- over 80% of mobile time is actually spent in applications, with 15% of the time spent on a smartphone is spent on Facebook while only 5% of time spent is spent on other social media platforms.

The smartphone is a useful piece of technology that has made a noticeable mark on society today. The demand for smartphones is constantly rising, and with the added social pressure, it can be difficult to remember how easily people can become hooked on their smartphone.   

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