October 9, 2014

SEO & Social Media: Two Ends of the Same Coin

By Lauren C.

Brand awareness is the first and final puzzle piece in creating a successful enterprise.  A fully optimized website will automatically draw traffic to a web page, but there are other influencing factors which are essential in brand promotion and increasing conversion rates. One component that is vital to a successful marketing campaign is social media marketing, especially in how it relates to search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization and social media marketing are not the same, nor does Google have an algorithm that officially includes social media, but the two overlap and work together to build brand awareness. Social media marketing refers to the ability of businesses to promote their brand via social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google +. Each platform is different, but they have the same agenda: each is a way to promote company specific content that includes important keywords, with the aim of increasing website traffic.

When you share links through social media, and others re-share those links, the link will increase awareness throughout the web community of a company’s website content. For example, if someone writes a blog and posts it via their company Twitter platform, and one of those friends retweets that link to their friends, or uses the link as part of a blog on their own website, brand awareness increases. Google enjoys what is popular, recommended, and used in a reputable way. The more your content is out there, the better it is for rankings and optimization.
So what are the ways to optimize your social media platforms in order to increase optimization? Here are a few suggestions for the more popular social media sites.

The best way to optimize your company Facebook page is to match the actual name of the URL to the company name or a brand name that is an easily remembered keyword. This allows search engines a larger and clearer metric to understand what it is your company does. Having a fully filled out company description, along with the accurate city and state, helps the Facebook page rank higher in company search queries.

Use the name of your company or include a valuable keyword in your Twitter handle, if at all possible or relevant. Your Twitter biography is indexable, so make sure to optimize it properly by including important keywords, as well as your name, address, and phone number. Of course, the best way to build brand awareness is to increase followers who will retweet keyword rich content.

Personalization is the key aspect to social marketing on Google +. Every person that follows you on Google+ will have a higher chance of seeing your posts in Google’s search results because Google personalizes results to your specific needs and interests. While you are busy getting followers, make sure to put an accurate name, address, and phone number on your profile to ensure full optimization of your site.

LinkedIn is specifically designed for businesses and entrepreneurs, and is the best social site for companies to promote themselves and their brand. Users can post questions to other users in relevant groups, and network with large numbers of people who they otherwise wouldn’t know. Create a blog outside of LinkedIn about topics relevant to your company, and attach specific ones directly to your LinkedIn updates and groups. This generates sharing, content optimization, links back to your website.

Social media and SEO are not the same, but they operate under the same umbrella. Though there is no algorithm that Google uses, it has been proven time and again that companies with a greater social presence have better rankings. There are specific ways to optimize your site and increase brand value by promoting content, keywords, and relevant information on each of the different social sites.


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