October 29, 2014

Middle-Aged and Lookin' Good: Happy 45th Birthday, Internet!

Forty five years ago today, the Internet was born. The beginnings of the Internet are debatable, with celebrities like Al Gore taking credit for it (we had to fit the joke in somewhere). But in all honestly, the moment which created the Internet phenomenon can be traced back to the first host to host connection of the ARPANET between UCLA and Stanford in 1969.  It was not until the mid-1990’s, however, that the Internet became an international network and was incorporated into everyday life.

Since its inception in the 60’s, technology has drastically shifted. Computers have become smaller, Internet use around the globe has become more accessible, and the amount of information that is available within seconds has skyrocketed. In fact, our world has become so dominated by the Internet that we had a massive scare of global collapse with rumors of computer failure during Y2K. We also now have mobile phones which can access the Internet with the mere touch of a button. Society can only wait and see what the Internet has in store for us in the years to come. Happy 45th birthday, Internet!

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