October 17, 2014

eGumball Interviews: Team Building in Style

By Lauren C.

Chelsea G. is an office manager and assistant to the CEO at eGumball, Inc. We sat down with her today to talk about corporate team building, and how companies should focus on building a work community that is both fun and inclusive.

What do you think team building is, and why is it so important to company morale?
As an athlete, I think team building skills can be incorporated anywhere. Team building is simply a way to create responsibility by encouraging a group to work collectively towards a goal. Yes, we are all individuals, and our individual talent is what drives our businesses’ success, but we also have to work together in order to achieve our main objectives. Team building can be lots of different activities, and most of them are fun. If they weren’t fun, nobody would want to participate in them!

Speaking of fun, explain some of the dress up days and contests that we do here at eGumball.
So every Friday, we have a theme dress up day, where we choose from a list of themes and can dress up accordingly. For example, today we have Cowboy/Cowgirl day, and everyone can wear boots and shirts, as long as they are in accordance with our dress code. Last Friday, we had Crazy Sock Day, and sometimes we just wear our eGumball polo shirts, which vary on color depending on the job you have. Of course on the holidays, like Halloween, we do full dress up days every year. Whoever wears the best costume in certain categories wins prizes like candy or little accessories. We also have contest days, like Positive Employee of the Month, where we have actual monetary awards and employees can vote the person who they think deserves the prize. The sales team does their own set of contests, including spinning a wheel, which is called a “spiff”. These are cash prizes as well. We have something called “Fit Fridays” where we send out handy tips to our employees about ways they can stay healthy. Also, our company hosts ping pong and foosball tournaments during free time. Finally, we have the Quality Quest award for customer service, the Top Producer of the Month for sales, and more contests as we evolve as a company.

So how did you come up with these ideas?
Some of them were from high school and college, like homecoming or spirit weeks. Others I found online. I make sure that our team building exercises follow the etiquette that other companies subscribe to. We don’t do anything offensive, or anything that isn’t in compliance with our dress code. But there’s a lot of ways to get ideas-sometimes just asking around, or seeing what other companies have done in the past.

What have you noticed as a result of these team building exercises?
There’s always incentives to perform-like contest prizes, spinning the wheel, or even just winning your own pair of crazy socks. People perform better when there is motivation involved-and our team building exercises are a way to show our employees that we care about them, and we want them to have fun. I know that I prefer working in a group rather than doing something by myself all the time-I get bored. If we all dress up and participate in contests, we build a stronger company morale. Basically, it’s a creative, fun way to make our employees feel happy, and it works!


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