October 21, 2014

Advertising in the Digital Age: Maps Optimization & Local Search

By Lauren C.

With Yellow Pages probably not making a comeback any time soon, it’s safe to say that a business can’t survive without an online presence. The ability to show up in local search results online is vital to a company’s survival. With over 20 million small businesses in the United States alone, the competition is fierce and cutthroat in the online marketing war. For each small business to gain the edge, they must utilize whatever online tools are available, including maps optimization.

And, if you have any doubt whatsoever about the importance of maps optimization, look no further than these statistics:

There are other general reasons to invest in local search and map optimization.

1. We live in an age of excessive information.

20 years ago, someone may have needed to find a tailor in their area. Because the Internet wasn’t as advanced as it is now, they probably went to the yellow pages, or asked friends if they had a recommendation. Perhaps they saw a billboard advertisement or a television commercial. Regardless, the amount of choices that the customer perceived to exist remained limited to their surrounding living area. This is why we turn to Google when we need to find something in our area-it’s faster, more accessible, and the possibilities are truly endless.

2. Mobile phone use is exploding, and in turn, so is mobile local search and maps optimization

The statistics on mobile phone use is mind boggling. 90% of Americans have a cell phone, and 50% of mobile phone users use mobile as their primary source to find out information on the Internet. Many people use their cell phone to search for a location, a restaurant, an address, etc. Our “on the go” mentality influences our need to find fast and accurate results. Local search optimization allows this to happen.

3. National corporations need map optimization too.

Many national corporations think that they don’t need local search optimization because they aren’t designated to one local area, and their physical address isn’t pertinent to whether or not people will use their services. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many searches are unsuccessful initially, so a location is added after this initial query for more accurate results. In these circumstances, having a physical address in a listing is crucial for the corporation.

4.  Launching a maps optimization marketing plan is probably cheaper and easier than launching a traditional marketing campaign.

Trying to optimize your own listing can be daunting for beginners. Fortunately, there are SEO firms out there who understand the latest updates of Google’s algorithms, and are savvy enough to scour the web in order to make sure the name, address, and phone number (NAP) of a company are consistent across the web. Due to the increased amount of advertisement online, and thus the pressure to advertise online, launching a traditional marketing strategy in lieu of a maps optimization marketing campaign may prove to be futile. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do other forms of marketing; it simply means that maps optimization and local search optimization are the most effective and inexpensive method in this day and age.

Our modern day hectic lifestyle coupled with a global online culture has paved the way for companies to incorporate a strong maps optimization plan in their campaign strategy. The benefits of optimizing are limitless and the statistics continue to show the importance of doing so. 

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