September 10, 2014

Mobile Phone Revolution

By Lewis J.

Is your website mobile optimized? I only ask because there’s a revolution underway and I don’t want you to get left behind. Mobile phones are taking over the internet? Don’t believe me? Here are some numbers for you to chew on.

In 2011, Americans spent $455 million on smartphones and tablets, but only 350 on laptops and desktops. For the first time ever, there were more mobile devices than static ones. Those mobile devices comprised 25 percent of the world’s computing power and they have only gotten more powerful since. Americans owned 92.8 million smartphones in 2011. We own 163.9 million today. By 2018, we will probably have 220 million

Also, think about this: in 2014, people bought more goods and services with their phones than with their desktops, $2.7 trillion worth. That will probably be $4.7 million by the end of the decade. Hardly surprising. Since this year, we have done web searches with our smartphones and tablets than we did with our desktops, and this preference increases as you get younger. In 2013, the National Association of College Stores found that when college students wanted to look up an answer, 55 percent of them used their smartphones. Only 33 percent used a desktop. In other words:

So, are you ready for the revolution? 

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