September 18, 2014

Ever Wonder What eGumball Does for Fun?

By Lewis J.

On September 2nd, eGumball decided to take a break from its normal routine and inaugurated the very first, company-wide Ping-Pong tournament. The tournament was the brain child of one of our collections assistants. He broke the company down into 24 brackets and turned us loose on each other in a four day battle royal.

The competition was grueling, with a great many players dropping quickly until only the players from collection and corporate sales, remained. The two squared off in an epic match on September 5th, while the rest of the company watched on in hushed awe. Back and forth the balls flew, with neither player giving an inch. Finally, however, the eye of the tiger was with collections. They won a close victory and walked away with the prize.

Afterwards, the entire office at eGumball celebrated with a lunch catered by Chipotle and applauded when our smiling solution architect was awarded the “Positive Employee of the Month” award. Though the tournament is over, we’re already excited for the next one.

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