September 24, 2014

eGumball Interviews: The Philosophy of Customer Service

By Lauren C.

Jerome, the Service Manager at eGumball, Inc.,oversees customer service in different departments throughout the company. We sat down with him today to learn about his job responsibilities and the eGumball customer service philosophy.

Tell us about your professional background and what drew you to customer service management?

I’ve been in the customer service industry for over a decade building large call centers. I have worked at Cisco Systems and AT&T Wireless, overseeing large call centers. I became involved in customer service because I enjoy talking to people and learning about them and their business, as well as resolving problems and answering questions.

Tell us about the daily responsibilities involved in your position. What are your main objectives and job duties?

There are so many different responsibilities in my position, but my primary focus is making sure that the correspondence between departments is smooth and that all departments of customer service are doing their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Can you explain a little about the different departments that you oversee and how they all correlate with one another?

Well, let’s start with the Quality Control department. This department checks all of the customer’s information on the web, and ensures that when we update information, it is correct. This takes a certain type of detail-oriented person. Once that is complete, a Google account is created, and the customer waits for pin codes from Google, which we then use to create their profile. The Citations department then creates new listings, or mentions for the customer’s business on the web, and is responsible for carrying out a large portion of the campaign for the customer. The Customer Service department is then responsible for resolving any questions or issues that the client might have once their campaign is set up.

How do you ensure department productivity and efficiency? What are your benchmarks to determine the quality of operations in the departments that you oversee?

Every department has different metrics that are provided by the development team. But every situation is different, so we have to be flexible in the way we resolve certain problems. The customer service department has metrics based on how they answer the phone and how well a phone call is handled from beginning to end. These are all discussed in our beginning stages of training as well as in on-going training.

Your position requires customer service to be front and center. How do you incorporate eGumball’s philosophy of good customer service in your overall approach to management?

Our primary goal in customer service is to educate our customers on what our services are, how we can help their business succeed, and create that pathway for them to grow their online presence. We acknowledge that we are always using new ideas and innovation to meet our clients’ expectations.

What are the most challenging aspects of your position and how do you turn those challenges into a positive solution?

The most challenging aspect of my position is making that sure employee productivity and quality is always at its highest. This can be challenging because some problems or issues are harder to resolve than others, but we work as a team and pull together to make sure our customers have the best service and experience that they can.

What are the most rewarding aspects of your position?

I enjoy working with people-customers and employees, so I get a lot of rewards from being an eGumball employee. It’s my job to resolve problems and ensure customer satisfaction, so I feel satisfied and rewarded when that is accomplished here. I also love the environment of eGumball. We have a lot of fun and work well together.

What sorts of fun activities and hobbies do you do outside of work that ensures you are on your A game at work?

I run triathlons, which is both challenging and fun. I also teach kids badminton on the side, and spend a lot of time with my family and friends. This is enough for me to feel relaxed and ready to go when I’m at work!

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