September 30, 2014

eGumball Interview: Scouring the Web with Quality Control

By Lauren C.

We sat down with Marco, the Quality Control Department Lead of eGumball Inc. to talk about his background, what a Quality Control Lead does, and how he manages the ins and outs of his department to ensure a smooth process for the client.

Tell us a little about your professional background and what drew you into the Quality Control Department?

My last position involved managing an office, and it was very customer service based because I dealt with customers and catered to their specific needs. That position helped to promote small businesses, which is why I started in the Quality Control Department at eGumball. Here, we help the clients by making sure their information is compliant and everything is posted within Google and Bing guidelines. By doing this for them, we are promoting their business and marketing their brand.

What are the main objectives of the Quality Control Department and how do they relate to the bigger objective of eGumball?

Our department checks current information on search directories about a business against previous information. We ensure that the information is up to date and compliant with the guidelines set by these directories. For example, we can search through a phone number to track down what a business used to be ten years ago before it became the current business, and we can report it to the Citation Department, so they can clean it up for the client.

What type of characteristics do you need to be successful in this type of position and why?

You must be detail oriented, and very firm with following the guidelines of search directories. Some clients mistakenly think the guidelines can be manipulated, but it ends up just hurting them in the long run if they try to do this. For example, many companies used to use PO boxes as their address, which Google doesn’t like anymore. Google Map’s original position was that as long as a business could get business mail at a PO Box, it was okay to post that as the physical address on Google Maps. Google changed their guideline because many businesses were putting PO boxes in locations where there was no business, in order to manipulate it to show up on Google Maps in a search query. This is why it’s very important to follow and keep up with the guidelines of the search directories, because Google and others now know what to look for.

How do you ensure department productivity and efficiency? What are your benchmarks to determine the quality of operations in the departments that you oversee?

We follow the training guide and manual to ensure efficiency and compliance with our company standards. Other than that, all information will come to me before it is transferred to the Citation department. If there needs to be a follow up call to a client, or proofreading and editing, I will make sure that it gets done because I am the final say.

What are the most challenging aspects of your position and how do you resolve those challenges?

Sometimes I think there is some confusion between the client and the search provider on what kind of information is allowed. Our job is to educate the clients the best we can so they understand that the guidelines of search directories must be strictly adhered to. As long as we clearly explain the process and guidelines to the client, there is usually no further problem or confusion about what search directories like Google do and don’t allow.

What are the most rewarding aspects of your position?

I think the most rewarding aspects of the position go back to my original goal of helping to promote small businesses. I enjoy helping our clients succeed by giving their business that added exposure. I’ve worked trying to promote small businesses before by handing out flyers, and making phone calls, so I can understand the work that it takes. Now, we have a modern system of promoting businesses and I really enjoy watching the client succeed.

Finally, what do you do for fun outside of work to ensure that you are on you are on your "A game" in work?

I enjoy playing racquetball with my brother as often as I can.  I also like writing, going to the movies, and spending time with my friends and family. You know, the usual.

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