September 11, 2014

Don't Let Them Cash and Dash: Finding a Visible Marketing Company

By A.G.

It’s more than common for a marketing company to make all of its SEO, SEM and ranking promises, then fall off of the map with your business’ information, your integrity, and your money. The reason for this (assuming they are not a scam) is because not only is Search Engine Optimization unpredictable, but marketing companies don’t provide enough services to keep the client knowledgeable about what is going on with their ranking and overall online presence.

Look for a company that not only keeps their clients engaged, but takes the time to educate them on the company’s services. A successful marketing company also informs the client of their own capabilities in terms of what they can do to bump up their online presence.  Find a company that offers assistance with social media, websites, and online directories for optimal SEO results.

How would you feel if you signed up for a marketing company who called you a week later just to say “Thank You”? Great! The concierge department at eGumball Inc. “is the first contact, voice, or message a customer receives, welcoming them to internet advertising and, most importantly, thanking them for their business. Many companies [don’t] call and thank their customers up front for ordering with them.” (Concierge Manager, eGumball Inc.) A concierge service calls to appreciate the customer, sets up coupons, advises on reviews and social media, and are essentially a live help desk, leaving the client in the “know” of the benefits of the company and their money well spent.

Do your research, look at their services beforehand, and don’t let a marketing company cash and dash.

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